Major Streets and Highways in Jackosnville NC

Knowing these major streets will help you get around Jacksonville easier. 

Western Blvd

Western Blvd is a 6 mile, four lane street running from Hwy 24 (Lejeune Blvd at Camp Lejeune Base Housing) to Gum Branch Blvd.  All along this street are many stores, restaurants and businesses including Onslow Memorial Hospital, Coastal Community College, Wal-Mart, Jacksonville Mall and many more.  Newer part of Western Blvd, located on the last 3 miles near Gum Branch Rd, is called Western Extension.  Currently Western Extension are under many constructions with both commercial and residential buildings.

Hwy 24

This highway in Jacksonville is also called Lejeune Blvd and as you head toward Hubert, it is called Freedom Way.  Both Camp Lejeune’s main gate and Piney Green gate, Camp Johnson, and downtown Jacksonville are located on this highway.  Traveling west on Hwy 24 will take you to Richlands and going east on Hwy 24  will take you to Swansboro (near the ocean).

Piney Green Rd

Piney Green Rd is a 6.5 mile road running from Hwy 17 to Hwy 24 (at Camp Lejeune’s side gate).  A lot of residential homes boarder this road.  You may want to use this road to avoid traffic on Western Blvd.

Gum Branch Rd

The older part of this road is called Bell Fork Rd which runs from Hwy 24 to Hwy 17.  Bell Fork Rd has mostly old commercial buildings and old homes.  At Hwy 17, Bell Fork Rd becomes Gum Branch Rd.  Along Gum Branch Rd, you will find small businesses including doctor’s office, restaurants, and K-mart shopping center.  You may want to use this road to avoid traffic on Western Blvd.  Continue north on Gum Branch Rd will take you to Richlands. 

Hwy 17

This highway in Jacksonville was recently renamed from Marine Blvd to US Marine Corps Hwy.  MCAS New River and downtown Jacksonville are located on this highway.  Hwy 17 south will take you to Sneads Ferry and Wilmington and Hwy 17 north will take you to Maysville and New Bern.

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